Ólafur Gíslason
Critic Ólafar Gíslason was one of the founders of SÚM – the Union of Young Artist – which was Iceland’s leading avant-garde group in the sixties. Educated in Lund, Sweden, the Copenhagen Art Academy and the Art Academy in Rome, he has maintained an international perspective in all his writing, wheather on Icleandic art or on international cultural or political issues.

His writing ranges widely, from coverage of individual Icelandic artists to general treatments of art-historical subjects. As a teacher he has the renaissance from a variety of perspectives and lectured extensively on twentieth century aesthetics and hermeneutics.

Gíslason has recently accepted a post as specialist consultant at the National Gallery of Iceland.

Borgarnes, the Pearl and the World Wide Web
Critic Ólafur Gíslason examines recent and older architecture in Reykjavik and finds in a uniquely Icelandic perspective on historical signification.