Finnur Arnar Arnarson
Skrapp fram - fangaklefi nr. 4 (1996)

Verkið sýnir okkur hversdagsleika fangans í klefa nr. 4. Á borðinu eru ýmsir persónulegir munir og smáatriði sem öll segja okkur sögu og í sameiningu sýna okkur heim sögupersónunnar bæði innan veggja fangelsisins sem utan.  

Prison Cell No. 4 - Back in a Moment

"Finnur Arnar's cell was not typical in comparison to the others because he took a strictly realistic, or objective, approach to the surroundings. In fact, it looked exactly like the cell of an inmate that had just left a moment before — the title of the work was "Back in a Moment." Cigarette stubs in the ashtray along with a lot of clutter on the small table, bedclothes all in a tangle, a black bag of unwashed clothes under the bed, a small TV still switched on, a drawing of a young girl sent to her daddy, a letter just opened — every small detail a reference to the mind-numbing isolation. Finnur Arnar recently had a solo exhibition at the Living Art Museum where he took a similar approach, a strictly factual reference to the lives of specific individuals; factual listings of the main events of their lives, a CV of everyday existence; enlarged photocopies of pay-cheques, as if they were a defiant gesture: "This is who I am!"" (Gunnar J. Árnason in the Nordic art magazine Siksi, winter 1996.)

Frá samsýningu í Síðumúlafangelsinu, 1996.

From a group show at the infamous state penitentiary Sidumúlafangelsid in 1996, then recently closed down by the authorities.